File a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the Service received, You may file a Complaint to inHouse Pay using the Complaint form and sending it to e-mail

InHouse Pay resolves Your complaints in accordance with the Customer Complaints Handling Procedure.

Customer complaints handling procedure .pdf | Effective as of 03.02.2021

Complaint form .docx

When can You expect a reply?

inHouse Pay responds to the Complaint in writing or in a format which can be reproduced in writing and provides information on the satisfaction or potential resolution of the Complaint within a reasonable time, but not later than within 15 (fifteen) Business Days after receipt of the Complaint.

If the response cannot be provided within 15 (fifteen) Business Days, inHouse Pay will provide the Customer with a non-final response, including the reasons for the delay and the term until which the Customer shall receive the final response from inHouse Pay.

In any case, the term for provision of the final response shall not be longer than 35 (thirty-five) Business Days after receipt of the Complaint.